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100% Virgin Straight Raw Hair Extensions | Length 10" - 26"

100% Virgin Straight Raw Hair Extensions | Length 10" - 26"

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Unleash your style potential with our premium 100% Virgin Straight Raw Hair Extensions. Available in a wide array of lengths, ranging from chic 10 inches to luxurious 26 inches, these hair extensions make a perfect addition to any hair arsenal.

Salon ABV's Virgin Straight Raw Hair Extensions are made from 100% virgin hair, ensuring they are completely devoid of any chemical treatments, bleaching, or dyes.

This ensures you receive the purest, most natural extension that offers long-term service and classy versatility. Mirroring a strikingly natural texture and sheen, the straight raw hair extensions perfectly blend with your natural hair, providing beautiful fullness and length. Crafted keeping all hair types in mind, these extensions are particularly compatible with those looking to match straight hairstyles. What sets our extensions apart is their quality.

Every strand's cuticles are aligned purposefully, which sanctions the extensions to remain soft, reduce tangling, and maintain a healthy, glossy shine for an extended period. Plus, the durable weft construction of our extensions promises minimal shedding, letting you enjoy long-lasting elegance.

Create a new realm of styles, straighten, curl or dye as according to your whim with our Virgin Straight Raw Hair Extensions - a symbol of purity, quality and versatility.

Experience the best in hair enhancements and be the showstopper every day!

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