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ABV Organics Scalp Elixir Hair Growth Serum

ABV Organics Scalp Elixir Hair Growth Serum

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This multi-facet Elixir can be as:

Pre-Shampoo Treatment:

Have your hair in manageable sections, mist hair with water and apply a few drops to each section.

It will melt away tangles and knots.

Cover hair with a shower cap and leave for 20mins.

Then proceed to rinse with warm water and shampoo your hair and condition it.


Daily Serum:

Apply a few drops directly to the scalp and hair. Gently massage (focusing on the area of concern) to stimulate growth.

Can be applied to damp or dry hair. Moisturises and hydrates the scalp and hair.


LOC Seal

Use as a seal and protect your stands as part of your LOC


OverNight Treatment

Message a generous amount to the scalp and strands, gently before wrapping your hair with a scarf or bonnet, leave overnight.  Follow up the next morning with your washday routine.

For Scalp concern: Before washing in the morning apply ABV Organics Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub to exfoliate build-up/dead cells then shampoo.


Prevent Split Ends & Seal Moisture 

Apply to the ends of your hair to protect the ends and seal in moisture.



  • Heals and Nourish scalp
  • Moisturise hair and scalp
  • Stimulate growth
  • Strengthen hair
  • Dormant follicles are activated
  • Melt tangles and knots from the hair
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