Collection: Hair Extensions

Upgrade your style with Salon ABV's luxurious collection of Raw & Virgin Hair Extensions.

Tailored to match and enhance your natural beauty, these extensions are available in a wide array of styles, including Brazilian, Virgin Kinky, Wavy, and Curly hair, providing a variety of lengths from 12 to 30 inches.

Every strand in our selection is derived from 100% virgin hair that's untreated by harmful chemicals or dyes.

Our hair extensions, ranging from the much-loved Brazilian textures to the unique Virgin Kinky styles, each offer an unrivaled fusion of authenticity, quality, and elegance.

Crafted to perfectly mimic your natural hair, our extensions beautifully translate the intricate textures of Wavy and Curly hair, adding enviable volume and length to your tresses.

The key to our products' supreme quality is their raw, virgin nature, coupled with cuticle alignment, promoting minimal tangling and a remarkable shimmer. Whether it's the bounce of Brazilian, the curl of Curly hair, or the charm of Wavy styles, every item in our collection promises a smooth blend with your hair. Our extensions are skilfully double-drawn and feature precise stitching, ensuring they seamlessly fuse with your natural locks.

Delve into the world of elegant transformations with Salon ABV's extensive collection of Raw & Virgin Hair Extensions. It isn't just about adding length or volume; it's about a beauty enhancement journey that boosts your aura and confidence.